The Land of Pain - The german Community-Interview with Alessandro Guzzo!

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      The Land of Pain - The german Community-Interview with Alessandro Guzzo!

      The german Community-Interview
      with Alessandro Guzzo!

      As previously announced and promised here is the The Land of Pain interview I was able to do with good guy Alessandro which I am proud to present to you all officially in no more than a week ever since sending in the questions to Alessandro :)

      The Interview

      Hello Alessandro,

      Ever since you offered to have an interview with you to talk about your current project The Land of Pain I couldn't wait collecting topics and questions directly from the community, making a few suggestions for the topics myself right away. And here we are now with 12 topics gladly waiting to return to the community which is on fire about The Land of Pain - for a mighty good reason! Let's dive right in:

      Interview-Question 1
      Steam provides us with information your game will come in Italian, English and French which makes a lot of people wonder if those are the languages which are going to be available with the initial release of the game and maybe more later and if those refer to audio- and text-languages alike. Along with that how are the chances journal notes are being read to the gamers? Even if those would in english only, the addup to athmosphere could be extraordinary.

      ( A )
      Hi Chris. English and Italian will be available with the initial release, while for what it concerns French, I am working to have it done for the release date. The three languages refer to the texts, and the journal notes will be in English, Italian and French. What is more, probably there can be new languages with future updates.

      Interview-Question 2
      A lot of developers seem to follow a trend of alternative endings in their games - how do you see alternate game endings fit for The Land of Pain?

      ( A )
      I think that alternate endings won’t fit for The Land of Pain, indeed it has a single ending.

      Interview-Question 3
      Speaking of "trending": Permanent death in The Land of Pain?

      ( A )
      In The Land of Pain you can die in many ways: killed, crashed after a fatal fall, drowning, hacked up and killed by many other dangerous things that you can encounter in your way. If you die, you will restart form the last checkpoint.

      Interview-Question 4
      While some interested gamers are worried the full game is going to take up to 20 gigabytes of space as the demo version came with almost 4 gigabytes already we would appreciate to get to know more from you directly.

      ( A )
      The full game will take about 10\12GB.

      Interview-Question 5
      Widely rumoured The Land of Pain is inspired by an entity of origin beyond time and space the interest has certainly grown even more: Could you let us know how enemy/threat interaction is going to take place - if there is any? Could "endboss" be a game scenario that exists in The Land of Pain?

      ( A )
      I can’t reveal too much, but I can say that the protagonist is unarmed, so the player has to be smart and exploit the environment to hide from the enemy.

      Interview-Question 6
      The demo has given us a hand full of items to deal with one after another but never two or more at the same time which rises questions if a backpack/an inventory to choose from might not be an in-game element players could expect. True, false or classified?

      ( A )
      True, there won’t be a backpack or inventory. In The Land of Pain you won’t have a lot of keys or objects to use at the same tame because I think that would be frustrating.

      Interview-Question 7
      Weapons. A top question for the majority of survival-related games to be released and in development. How likely is it to see weapons to interact with in The Land of Pain?

      ( A )
      Weapons do not fit with the gameplay of The Land of Pain. The protagonist will be unarmed and defenseless.

      Interview-Question 8
      Will we have the chance to modify key bindings and even use gamepads?

      ( A )
      For the moment there is no chance to modify key bindings, but there will be a full support for Xbox controller.

      Interview-Question 9
      Many games these days turn out shorter in runtime than actually expected by gamers. How do expectations and reality meet in The Land of Pain?

      ( A )
      The game won’t be shorter than expected, as it is aproximately 8 hours long, but it depends on the player. There is much to explore and secrets to discover.

      Interview-Question 10
      In regards of the technical aspect: Would you like to share with us how you chose between game engines and what made you choose CryEngine at last?

      ( A )
      Cryengine allows the developer to create stunning natural enviroments and it fits with The Land of Pain that has a huge map full of vegetation, caves, water, buildings etc. Moreover the Photogrammetry technology is very well supported by CrEngine.

      Interview-Question 11
      I really couldn't resist adding the following rather funny question from one of our members on the board: Does it ever stop to rain in the game? Not that it doesn't add up brilliantly to the entire ambience impression but the rain washes away the beautiful textures in the game.

      ( A )
      It’s a good question, and the answer is yes, the rain stops at a certain point.

      Interview-Question 12
      Has anyone ever addressed the topic of "pricing" before? Makes me wonder where we are going to head to...

      ( A )
      The price will be chosen with Steam so I cannot give you a correct answer but I will try to keep it as low as possible, more or less 10 euros.

      With the release date not being too far away I cannot say "Thank you Alessandro!" enough having this interview with us! Big up for that and please feel free to share with the rest of community as well :)

      ( A )
      Thank you for the interview and best regards.

      Thanks to all of those you helped with the interview & enjoy english gamers

      Best wishes,
      the Axe
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